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Electrofusion Fittings Product change

Published: 05-08-2016
Effective from 1st September 2016, 4mm terminal pins.

Effective from 1st September 2016 all plasson EF fittings will be supplied with 4.0mm terminal pins, replacing the current pin size 4.7mm.

There are no dimensional or performance changes to the fittings. The fittings retain the features which make Plasson one of the world leaders in Electrofusion products due to:-

  • BS EN 12201 & BS EN 1555. WRAS approval
  • Long penetration depths and fusion zones - ensuring high quality joints
  • Smartfuse (self-recognition system) ensuring a fast and easy weld process
  • No temperature compensation required - single weld time for ambient temperatures between -10°C & 45°C
  • No preheat required
  • Full traceability of fittings and components to ensure optimum quality control

All 4mm pin fittings have new product codes, so we have produced a new catalogue for just the Electrofusion fittings which is now available on request, alternatively click here to download an electronic version. All pricing remains the same with the exception of PP coated backing rings (09903) which have been greatly reduced in price.

Any orders received and supplied after 1st september 2016 will be with the new product code (with supply of 4.7mm pin product being withdrawn the same day). Any orders received with the 'old' codes will be substituted with the new coded product.

Please note that controllers will need to be fitted with suitable 4.0mm or multi-size leads if they are not already fitted with dual leads, of which the majority on the market already are.

Please contact your Plasson ASM or the sales office if you would like further information. Email Pamela to request a copy of the new catalogue: