C-Valve Pressure Control Valves


Plasson's range of innovative Pressure Management valves deliver a reduction in mains bursts and leakage whilst providing improved downstream stability and low head loss.  A wide range of performance and piloting systems are available offering novel solutions for every application.

The unique design mesults in a valve that is a stable, efficient and robust water supply regulator.  It is easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain, delivering immediate return on investment in reduced water loss, reduced maintenance and energy costs.

The valve utilises a low head loss hydrodynamic design, small fast reacting control chambers and an innovative new three way pilot to deliver performance characteristics unheard of in traditional control valve technology.


  • Pressure reduction
  • Pressure sustaining
  • Flow control
  • Altitude control
  • Quick relief
  • Hydraulic flow modulation
  • ART (pilot controlled remote set point)

Key Benefits:

  • Low head loss across the valve - delivering a high flow capacity (e.g. head loss for a 4" valve with a 415 m3/hr flow is one bar)
  • Reduced flow turbulence and cavitation resistant materials enable large pressure reductions (up to 10:1) without cavitation
  • Small control chamber volumes enable very fast reaction times - minimising surge and providing very accurate and stable downstream conditions
  • Made from corrosion resistant materials
  • Lightweight, modular design with multiple connection options simplifies installation and maintenance

For further information call 01444 244446 or email duncan.fisher@plasson.co.uk