Plasson’s extensive range of solutions for connecting PE pipe is found in over 80 countries world-wide. The combination of Plasson’s high quality products & first class customer service make it a world leader in the production of plastic pipe fittings.






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Plasson offers high quality Mechanical and ElectroFusion Fittings and Valves, in an extensive range of sizes and configurations designed for potable high pressure water supply pipes, up to 16 bar. A comprehensive range of accessories for PE pipe and fittings enables Plasson to provide a complete solution.


Plasson's Mechanical Fittings and Valves and Electro-Fusion fittings are ideal for joining polyethylene pipes.  The range includes saddles and quick coupling valves as well as a large number of specialist products for water networks for landscape irrigation. 



Plasson's range of fittings are ideally suited to the rigours of applications in the agricultural market, for livestock watering and for farm water networks.


Plasson offers a large range of specialist Mechanical Compression and Electro-Fusion Fittings & Valves as well as PVC Valves, designed for the demanding applications in industrial fluid transport.



Plasson has a comprehensive range of precision water meters for applications such as domestic, waterworks, irrigation and water management.  Meters include: the Gladiator Concentric, Multi-Jet Magnetic, Dose-O-Mat Automatic Metering Valve and the Irrigation and Agriculture water meters.


Plasson's range of innovative Pressure Management valves deliver a reduction in mains bursts and leakage whilst providing improved downstream stability and low headloss.  A wide range of performance and piloting systems are available offering novel solutions for every application. 



For use with PE pipe in leak free Wastewater Systems, Gravity Sewers and Vacuum Sewers. The Plasson Wastewater System is completely watertight and Plasson welding systems with automatic welding controls and data recording are available if required.


Plasson fittings are ideally suited for PE cable ducts offering a long term secure joint that has a high pressure and end load performance for great network integrity. Suitable for fibre optic installations.




Plasson's range of top quality poultry products offer any kind of professional grower solutions and is customised for all types of poultry farm from hatching to maturity.  The poultry systems are climate responsive and will meet the demands of any climate conditions